Starting off my career in photo by creating this blog. History major, part time aspiring photographer, experience and love for the camera, photos taken with a Nikon D5000. Big dreams, working on them now. East Coast, MA  guests

ugh i love her
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Cherry and Webb
Sorry for the lack of updates. But since I can no longer use my camera (I’m in the process of buying a new one)  I have been restricted to using my iPhone. That being said, I had a mini photoshoot with my best friend a couple weeks bag with a puppy and a range rover. 
🙇 (at Roger Williams University)
one of the first photos taken for my AP art class // first project
An experiment I did for AP art when I was trying to find a concentration. These photos taken I was working with layering and opacity, making figures appear as ghosts and memories. 
The only thing that makes me stay positive is letters from the boy who has my heart, while he’s away at boot camp becoming the greatest sailor I know he can be. I miss him like crazy, reading his letters make me so happy. He graduates this week, so soon enough ill finally get to see him again, I couldn’t be more excited!